The Girls Club of Los Angeles (GCLA) was organized under the guidance of the national Girls Club of America on May 15, 1972, officially beginning operations on June 12, 1972. This non-sectarian, non-profit organization was the first of its kind to be organized in Los Angeles under the National Girls Club of America.

To date, GCLA has served over 75,000 girls and boys ages 2-18 living in South Los Angeles, GCLA addresses unmet needs such as children living in violent and unstable environments, low academic preparation and test score, high teen pregnancy, families living in poverty, high obesity and low physical activities, youth in the juvenile justice system, youth on probation and the lack of quality child care.


 "Committed to leading the world in quality service to children, youth,families and communities"


GCLA addresses school success by strengthening low income children, youth, and families through early education, youth development and community outreach, which will contribute to self-sufficient, stable and productive individuals. GCLA provides a committed and knowledgeable staff, as well as, comprehensive innovative services while working with families and community collaborations in a family centered early education and youth development program.