The Girls Club of Los Angeles (GCLA) is a non-profit agency that focuses on meeting the needs of underprivileged and at-risk children, youth and their families living in South Los Angeles.

GCLA is an advocate and community change agent working to provide children, youth and families with the skills overcome the challenges they face.

To date, GCLA has served over 75,000 children, youth, and their families through

  • Early Care and Education
  • Youth Development
  • Community Development
  • Resources and Referrals

GCLA strives to meet the following outcomes for children, youth, and their families:

  • Ongoing relationships with caring adults
  • Safe places with structured activities
  • Access to services that promote physical well-being and positive mental health
  • Opportunities to build skills and competencies
  • Opportunities to learn about and explore their relationship with the community