Project LEAD



Project LEAD is a youth development initiative designed to promote positive, healthy lifestyles in youth and encourage responsible decision-making and the development of life skills that lead to self-sufficiency. Services offered:

School Based - Washington High School - 9 th grade boys & girls

offers a school based teen pregnancy prevention program. This program provides:

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education (i.e. goal setting, decision making, reproduction, and teen pregnancy) to the 9th grade health classes.
  • Service Learning Club available for students to learn about the community and participate in projects.
  • Annual Teen Rally exposing student to school and community resources.

Gender Specific Community Service Program – girls 14-18

Reduce delinquency and recidivism, promote pro-social behavior, strengthen the family and parenting practices, promote school success and employment practices, and give females the opportunity to learn skills in a gender appropriate environment. Serves girls at risk and on probation through the following components:

  • Parent Orientation/Support Workshops (parenting skills, communication)
  • Mentoring Activities (group activities, career/academic development, field trips)
  • Empowerment Workshops (goal setting, decision making, assertiveness)
  • Mother (or significant female family members) /Daughter Activities (intervention meetings, cultural opportunities)

Family Development Network - WLCAC- boy & girls ages 8-18

GCLA provides dynamic and exciting opportunities Monday –Thursday at the Family Development Network from 2:30pm -5:30pm. During this time participants have the opportunity to engage in the following activities.


  • Academic Enrichment Activities
  • Skill Development Activities
  • Community Involvement Activities
  • Cultural/Recreational Activities
  • Parenting Workshops

Youth Work Readiness and Career

Anti- Bullying